Hokies Reflect on Loss to Kentucky

Virginia Tech lost to Kentucky, 93-86, but the Hokies say the experience will help the team moving forward.

Buzz Williams: "I think it's good for us, because it's before Christmas, and we're going to play a lot of teams like this over the next 70 days. I think playing in this environment with this arena, and this support, and this talented of a roster against a Hall of Fame coach, all of that stuff is really healthy. And it forces you to have a rep of what am I going to do in that situation. To the credit of our staff and our team, with each step, I think our guys have done it the right way."

Ahmed Hill: "I think our team learned a lot. We learned from the little things, like turnovers. We shot the ball well. We played extremely well, I thought as a team, but we just turned the ball over a little too much."

Justin Robinson: "Overall, it was a good test for us. It was a good road experience. We play in the best conference in the country, so that's what we see everyday, night in and night out. So there's no awe in the situation playing at Kentucky, but I think it's something that we've got to learn from."