Hometown Hoops Weekly: Northside High School

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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) -- A calm head, but a hot hand.

Undefeated, but not invincible.

"Coach says we can win every game or we can lose every game. We just gotta do what it takes to win before anything," senior Jalen Jackson said.

Plus a little flare.

"I feel like a missed dunk isn't a good dunk at all. Coach Pope likes to make our team hyped so I like doing it too," senior Julien Wooden said.

No matter the strength of the individual, the Northside Vikings play for one scoreboard.

"You can say that but then you have to have the character of guys to buy in a believe it, because it is true in the end," head coach Billy Pope said. "Sometimes it's easy to have multiple scoreboards in a team and I think that's what's special about these guys."

"They mean a lot to me, honestly. I wouldn't be going as far as I would without all them," Wooden said.

"I wouldn't trade anything for it. These have been the best moments I've ever had. I just really enjoy the moment and being able to share it with my friends," senior Kacey Draper said.

After last years' state semifinal loss, the Vikings know how it feels to come oh so close to taking it all.

"We wanna win. We wanna win bad!" Jackson said.

But losing the point is losing it all.

"Of course, everybody wants to win, but really the objective is to get better and try to do the best we can each and every day. People kinda forget that's what we're trying to do each day. Players can. Coaches can. What I really appreciate about these guys is the commitment to each and every day," Pope said.