Hometown Hoops Weekly: Radford High School

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If you're looking for a team with class or if you're looking for a team with passion.

"I can't really describe how good it feels to play the game that I love," senior Quinton Morton Robinson said.

If you're looking for a team with mad talent, look no further than the Radford Bobcats.

"This team really likes each other a lot. They like being around each other in the locker room. We've got our whole team back basically," head coach Rick Cormany said.

"Not a lot of games left, but it's great because all of the guys are together. I mean, we are having a pretty good season so far. We had a good win Saturday. Even though it's not the championship game but it's a good win for the team," Morton Robinson said.

That game was the spotlight of this years' Adam Ward Classic.

"It was a great event. We've been blessed to get to play in that each year. We're so excited when we get invited. And to play a quality team like Northside," Cormany said. "Either team could've won that game."

But a win means the Bobcats are undefeated so far this season, and they're doing everything they can to keep it that way.

"Our practices every day are really intense," senior Miles Jones said.

So intense, sometimes, they have to hit the brakes.

"Trying to get to that main goal and everybody knows what that is," Morton Robinson said.

That is, the state championship they let slip through their fingers just one year ago in the semifinals against Gate City.

"I think they've got a chip on their shoulder and excited to make that right," Cormany said.

"Just looking back on last season, we don't want to repeat that same thing," Morton Robinson said.

"We practice so hard for this and just to get it done would mean everything," Jones said.

Even if they can't make it right this time around, the Bobcats know they got it right, state champion or not.

"There's only one state champion. Success might be the fact that you have made a lifelong friend within the team. Success is those things as well," Cormany said. "I just don't want them to feel that kind of pressure. I want them to feel the pressure to come into the gym each day to get better and be great teammates."