James River at Giles, and Floyd at Radford

In Radford where the Bobcats started the season 1-2, but did not lose in the month of September, looking to keep that rolling here in October, but let's start with that game up in Giles.

Homecoming night for the Spartans...and they got off to a nice start...a rare pass for Giles, Chaston Ratcliffe airs it out and it's complete, Chase Fleeman wide open, Giles takes a 14-0 lead.

Later on in the first, James River punting...and it's Blocked by the Spartans...ball is spinning out of control, both teams having trouble coming up with it, eventually Giles does get it just a couple yards from the end zone.

And they know what to do with it, Ratcliffe again, this time he runs it in himself, Giles goes up 21-0, looks like a blowout.

But James River led an incredible comeback, they went down 28-0 and then scored 36 unanswered points, including a go ahead TD with just 23 seconds left, and the Knights beat the Spartans for the first time in 37 years!!! 36-28.

Tough to beat that one, let's go to Radford, Bobcats hosting Floyd County.

And what a game for this Radford offense, as we pick things up in the second half. PJ Prioleau punches it in to put Radford up 38-6.

and there was no let-up from these Bobcats. Later in the 3rd, Zane Rupe drops back, he's looking to let it loose, he does...down the field and caught, JW Bethea with big yardage for Radford.

and then, Rupe is just going to hold onto it himself...no doubt about this one, Radford rolls over Floyd 53-20.