Lord Botetourt at Franklin County

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ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Lord Botetourt hit the road for Franklin County Friday night. The Cavaliers put their unbeaten record on the line against the Eagles at Cy Dillon Stadium.

The fans in Franklin County were pumped and ready to go as the first half got underway, but it would be Botetourt who struck first.
Quarterback James-Ryan Salvi fakes the handoff then sprints around the outside, starting a footchase that ends in the endzone.
On the next drive, the Eagles's Jahylen Lee takes the handoff, then it's off to the races before Brae Farrell brings the running back down.

As the half winded down, Luckett heaved one downfield for wide receiver Garret Garman who came down with it to give the Eagles their first lead of the game.

Next drive, 3rd down, 10 to go, Luckett takes the snap, and it's Garman again. This time snagging a 45 yarder for the touchdown to end the half.

Lord Botetourt came sprinting back out after halftime, with Dalton Breese running like the wind for a touchdown. That brought the Cavaliers within two, and they weren't stopping there.

Running back Dylan Wade gets downfield and that sets up this 32-yard field goal to take the lead.

Late in the 4th quarter, the Eagles were looking to make something happen. Luckett rolls the deep ball, but it's no good, bouncing off Defensive Back Payton Haston.

That sealed the deal for Franklin County as Lord Botetourt wins it 22-21.