Lord Botetourt at Staunton River, and William Fleming at William Byrd

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All the rain has made it a muddy mess for Staunton River and Lord Botetourt.

First drive for the Golden Eagles had them pinned deep, fourth down, a high snap leaves Seth Deaton no choice but to kick it out of the end zone for a safety.

Lord Botetourt now up 2-0, receiving the punt, it's going to be Evan Eller who kicks it into high gear and just out runs everybody down the sideline until Jalen Hurt is able to force him out at the 5.

Next play, Hunter Rice gets the call, just like that its 9-0 Cavaliers.

Staunton River facing a 3rd and 10, sell the run but go jump pass, no good my friend.

Next drive for the Cavs, they draw up the QB keeper for Preston Martin who slices his way through the D from about 15 yards out.

Lord Botetourt back in the win column with authority 57-7.

Over at William Byrd, William Fleming is on the move.

Elijah Davis wanting his Colonials on the board goes deep to Seaquan Bannister.

Davis stays with the pass, goes over the middle to Daequan Nichols, incomplete but a flag is thrown for pass interference.

Fleming desperate to get some life at the end of the half, final play, Davis rolls to the far side goes for Juwan Webb but it's broken up by Logan Baker.

Byrd up 28-0 at the half.

First play for the Terriers in the second half, Sam Dantzler doing what he does best, slips a shoe string tackle and it's a foot race.

Nearly 60 yards on the scamper before he's hawked down by Seaquan Bannister.

A few plays later, inside the five, Nicholas Hale keeps his balance for another score as Byrd never had a doubt, they win 42-0.