Magna Vista at Bassett

Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 8:51 PM EST
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We pick up halftime where the Bengals are up 3 to 0, and after a fumble recovery, Simeon Muse brought the handoff right up the middle and stays on his feet for a long touchdown, Bengals extend their lead 10-0.

A couple of stops later, Dryus Hairston make the connection with Louis Taylor to put the Warriors in the red zone to set another connection through the air from Hairston to Andew Santoemma for the TD, as Magna Vista chops down the bengal lead 10 to 6.

The Warriors would look for a stop and get one as they pick up the fumble in Bengal territory and they'd make the most of it, with a 41-yard touchdown through the air from Hairston to Santoemma, as they take the late lead 12 to 10.

After a Warrior fumble, Ja'ricous Hairston gets the ball to Demetrius Hairston, and he takes it all the way in for a touchdown.

The Bengals upset Magna Vista 16 to 12.

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