NFL lineman and former Hokie Wyatt Teller helps distribute learning materials to Craig County students

NEW CASTLE, Va. (WDBJ) -- At Craig County High School, students and parents pulled in one-by-one Tuesday to pick up their next assignments in this new world of school at home.

What they may not have been expecting was former Virginia Tech and current Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Wyatt Teller handing them their envelopes.

Teller is dating CCHS Principal Melissa Whiting's daughter, Carly, and showed up to help distribute at-home learning packets and belongings that were left in lockers.

"It's nice to be out here, nice to give back and nice to see some of the people who--this is the first time they've probably left the house in a week or two," Teller said. "It's good to see, and it's good to help out."

Teller is coming off his second pro season, spent with the Browns after being traded from Buffalo following his rookie year.

The former Hokie said he had been training in Blacksburg until COVID-19 changed everything.

"It's kinda' crazy to go back and only know a couple faces, but they're all good guys and the guys who are still there are tough," Teller said. "It's good to see some of the guys and talk ball with them. It's good to come back and see Coach Fuente and see all the coaches and come back and hang out with the weight staff."

If and when the season does start, Teller's Browns will be fighting for one of seven AFC playoff spots, after the league voted Tuesday to add an extra team to the postseason field.

He said the possibility of playing in empty stadiums, though, would take time to get used to.

"It would definitely be crazy. You get so much energy from the fans, from the exterior stuff," Teller said. "Yeah, you can call yourself mentally tough and not get rattled, but you know it's always cool to use the energy, especially 'Enter Sandman.' If that doesn't get you pumped up, I don't know what does.

"That atmosphere, it's gonna' be weird not to have that but, I mean, I hope that doesn't happen. You don't know, but hopefully everything gets handled, we get a grip of it and we can be done here in a couple months and back to normal life in the fall."

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