Narrows at Covington

COVINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) -- To Covington where Narrows dropped in on Boodie Albert Stadium Friday night.

Covington took the ball first and the Cougars slugged their way downfield for the first score when Shaun Smith, Jr., pounded his way through on the touchdown.

Narrows answered when Green Wave QB Wyatt Freeman fakes the pitch and goes deep downfield to Chase Blaker, and things were all tied up.

Matthew Morgan turned the scoreboard again for the Wave as he takes a lick at the goal line for his efforts.

Narrows up 12-7 but the Cougars Simon Gibson to Kent Bullock in the end zone, to make it a 14-12 game at halftime. But Narrows rallied in the second half to win it 32-28.