Narrows at Parry McCluer

Narrows was after its second straight 9 and 1 season Friday but Parry McCluer stood in the way in Buena Vista.

The rain stopped just in time for the Blues to take the field, and they marched right away to the end zone.

QB Zach Claytor faked a handoff, then looks for Bech Garrett in the corner of the end zone with a twenty-yard toss for the first score of the night.

But Narrows answered four minutes later with a long pass from Wyatt Freeman to Dustin Wiley. He's in the zone to make it a 6-all ballgame.

The Blues holla back in the second quarter, driving to the goal line, where Marcellius Dawson punched it in to cap the drive and the back and forth continued.

Narrows in a punting situation a little later, leaving Austin Moore to scoop it up off the soggy turf. Moore has lots of daylight and reservations for six taking it all the way back to the house.

On the next series Claytor on the fake and then the throw to Moore in the flat. He runs it down and dives over the line, making it 28 to 6
Before the half ended, Narrows got one more score, to make it 28-12 at the break.Narrows clawed back in the second half, but couldn't pull it out at the end. 35-34 Parry McCluer won it.