New Era At Salem Begins Under New Coach Don Holter

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 11:41 PM EDT
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It's a new era in Salem Spartans football this season as Don Holter takes over for Stephen Magenbauer as head coach. Magenbauer won 169 games and five state titles in his tenure, and Coach Holter was around for three of those championships as an assistant, making the transition a bit easier.

"Being here and having relationships with the kids, I was fortunate enough to run the weight room and be a part of the defensive coaching staff here," said Holter, "so it was just like, you move up and do your job. Salem has its own recipe for success and I try to follow that as best as I can with my own style and it's been a very smooth transition."

The Spartans have one of the most productive backfield combos in the area in Isaiah Persinger and Zavione Wood. But their success will utimately rest with the development of the offensive line.

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