North Cross at Eastern Montgomery

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ELLISTON, Va. (WDBJ7) -- North Cross stepped out of the private school ranks to face Eastern Montgomery.

As the third quarter started, North Cross just kept running ball and running the clock with a big 30-0 lead.

But Eastern Montgomory had other ideas as the strip the ball away from QB Gabe Zappia, and the home team shows they still has some fight left.

But the with ball in the North Cross territory the drive falls short, as Adam Bahnken over throws Cole Shepherd.

North Cross continued to eat up more clock with nice 1st down run by Ian Cann.

Late in the 3rd kicker Vodant Muse tries a 40 yard Field Goal that falls just short and the score stays 30-0. North Cross puts the game away with a huge run by Carlton Ward, He breaks TWO Tackles to Paradise in honor of Eddie Money, and puts the Raiders up 36-0. And they win it by that 36-0.