Northside at Staunton River

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7) -- We start tonight with the Northside Vikings who already knew they'd make a 12th straight playoff appearance. Coach Scott Fisher and company trying to finish off a 7 and 3 campaign at Staunton River.

The home team took the field tonight getting the football first, but The Vikings defense came out fired up.

The first play of the game Lucas Overstreet's pass is too high and Northsides Quentin Slash is there for the INT, he takes it 32 yards the other way for the TD, we are only 14 seconds into the game and it is 7-0 Northside.

Staunton River then puts together a long drive and on 4th and one Overstreet fights for every inch on the run play. The chain-gang would come out and its a first down River as the drive would continue.

The very next play Overstreet finds Malakhi Gregory for the 25 yard TD pass, we are tied at 7-7.

Northside put the ball into the hands of Slash again, as he runs down the left sideline for a 19 yard gain.

Then its Christian Fisher catching the screen pass and in just 2 plays the Vikings are in the redzone knocking on the door.

They finish off the drive with a 7 run TD run from Sidney Webb to make the score 14-7. Northside goes on to win it 35-7.