Nothing but respect between Virginia and Navy

ANNAPOLIS, Md. The Virginia Cavaliers and the Navy Midshipmen had a few photo opportunities with the media, before breaking bread together Wednesday afternoon for lunch.

There, both head coaches had nothing but good things to say about each other.

Bronco Mendenhall, Virginia Head Coach, said of Navy's Ken Niuamatalolo, "There are some people in the profession that just, they earn your respect over time, by who they are as a leader, but also how they run their program. And then sometimes, which institution they represent, and in this case, it's all of those reasons for me."

"Discipline, effort, you know the kids always play hard at BYU, they always played really, really hard," said Niuamatalolo. "At Virginia, he's continued it on. I'm just impressed how quickly he's turned, culturally, the program around in less than two years."