Parry McCluer at Roanoke Catholic

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- In the 1st quarter, Catholic started moving the ball, with El Amin Shareef ripping off the huge 40 yard run up the middle.

Catholic struggled in the red zone and on fourth down Sam Sweeney's pass falls incomplete,

Parry McCluer would take over on downs. Now the Blues get something going with a nice pass from Ty Ruley to David Williams for a big first down.

The first quarter came to a scoreless close.

The second quarter was all Celtics, They had a 10 play drive that ended with Kawuan Ray on the four yard TD run and the two point conversion going good. Catholic led 8-0.

The Celtics just couldn't be stopped from there, as they had another long drive that ended with Shareef powering his way in the endzone for the one yard TD run. They would convert another two point play and took the lead, 16-0. They went on to win 52-6 as your final.