Patrick Henry at William Fleming

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Mayor's Cup was on the line tonight at William Fleming along with city bragging rights as the homestanding Colonels locked up with Patrick Henry in their annual grudge match.

The rivalry bringing out everybody tonight, let's jump to the third quarter, PH up 14-7.

Fleming quarterback Deaquan Nichols decides to even the score. Using his legs, hits the juke and the spin cycle for good measure on the nearly 20 yard scamper.

Worked so nice, he tried it twice, Nichols again calling his own number, runs over a few Patriots on his way to another first down.

Nichols doing all the work taking the Colonels inside the red zone.

This time Nichols flips it out to his halfback Nahshon Bonds who fights for every inch of this touchdown, Fleming ties it up at 14.

Now in the fourth quarter, third and ten for PH, check out the strength here from Jamerron Jones, JJ using all 210 pounds to keep the Patriot drive alive.

Few plays later JJ gets the mail, has a hole big enough for a mac truck to drive through, slips a tackler and delivers from 31 yards out, Patrick Henry is going to keep the Mayor's Cup and those bragging rights for at least another year with a 28-21 win.