Player of the Week: Keaton Beeman

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GALAX, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Mark Dixon, Galax Head Coach: We handed it to our little ninth grader, the Little Engine That Could, you know and he just kind of chugged along there and kept moving the chains for us. Great job by him.

Keaton Beeman toted the mail a whopping 43 times on Saturday, racking up 214 yards and all four Galax touchdowns in a 28-27 win over Narrows to clinch a regional championship. And his workman like effort in a ball control offense, served another purpose, to take some of the load off Blake Brown. Brown plays both ways for Dixon and the Tide, who lost leading rusher Dougie Peoples for the season to a broken foot three weeks ago.

Mark Dixon/Galax Head Coach: He did a heckuva job. I thought Blake ran hard. I didn't load him up with a ton of carries because he was having to play both ways on defense. Both Blake and Keaton are special talents. I get how good they're gonna be. Keaton is just an instinctive, natural runner. He just gets it and falls forward every time and that's what we needed was a kid that could fall forward for three or four yards and give Blake a blow because he was having to do so much in the secondary in coverage.

Keaton Beeman/Player Of The Week: It's pretty much just all the O-line. The O-line always, it doesn't matter who we put back there, it's gonna be good because the O-line, they just work hard everyday. It was fun. It was really fun.

Beeman and his Tide teammates have certainly bought in to what Dixon is selling. And what they may lack in size, the Tide more than makes up for with heart and a little old fashioned work.

Beeman: It just proves that we work harder than anybody else. He makes us lift every morning at 5 o'clock, film, everything. We work harder than anybody else.