Pulaski at Christiansburg

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Pulaski County was set to air it out at Christiansburg Friday night.

And they let it fly, Backup QB AJ McCloud is looking for his man and finds Noah O'dell deep for the endzone for the early strike. Less than one minute in and it's 7-nothing Cougars.

To the second, 14-nothing Pulaski and going for three. Ryan Castle's kick is blocked! And instead of 17-nothing. Christiansburg is gonna rob it for six. I promise he's there folks. Lost in a sea of Blue Devils, Maston Stanley returns it 81 yards. 14-7 now.

On the ensuing kickoff, Pulaski is trying to repay the favor. Logan Burchett cutting through traffic, like folks wish they could've done on 81 tonight. Finds his way to daylight. Tack on six, oh but wait....flags on the play. Holding on the offense.

So the score stays at 14-7. Kade Akers joining the game before the half.

Decides to keep it and in a rush by the sideline, right by yours truly and trips up on the one yard line. That led to another Cougar TD. Pulaski County wins it 42-28.