Pulaski at George Washington

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- George Washington and Pulaski County hooked up on the turf at Averitt Friday.

This one was tight throughout.

Pulaski Senior Quarterback Kade Akers moving the chains late in the first quarter to keep a Cougars drive alive.

Senior kicker Ryan Castle knocks a long one in, putting Pulaski up 10-0 on the road.

GW Quarterback Carlos Poole trying to answer, but he bobbles the snap, picks it off the ground, scrambles, looks, throws it up, and somehow it comes down in the hands of sophmore wide receiver Shacobe Hairston and the Eagles had a first and goal.

Poole bounces off a defender and breaks a tackle to get GW on the board, but Pulaski had just enough, winning it 17 to 14 the final.