Pulaski County at Blacksburg

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- With Pulaski up 6-3, the cougars have driven down just short of the goal line.

Number 5 Chris Shay takes the handoff, and spins it into the endzone for the first touch down of the night.

The cougars try for two, but you can't fool the Bruins twice, as this time Shay gets dragged down just short of the goal line.

That left the Bruins less than two minutes to make up the difference, but could they do it?

With the clock ticking down, Brian Mitchell snags the kick, then it's off to the races for the running back before getting dragged down in Cougars territory.

A few plays later, Blackburg is within striking distance, when a bobbled handoff leaves Mitchell scrambling, trying to get away but no! He's brought down for a loss by Chayton Rollins.

Two plays later, it's 3rd and 30 for the Bruins, Mitchell looking down field gets hit, throws it up for grabs and it'll be Pulaski's Corvin Carter who comes down with the ball.

That sealed the Bruins fate as Pulaski ended it 12-3.