RVAA Holds Annual City-County Championships

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Plenty of swimmers jumped in the pool Friday, in one of the area's biggest annual swim meets today, at the Roanoke Valley Aquatic Association's City-County Championships.

The two day event features 858 swimmers competing at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center.

The meet is an equal-opportunity event as well, with swimmers ages ranging from three-years-old to 80. And while there are those competing just to have fun, there are also many serious swimmers racing to win.

"The summer league is predominantly a fun league," said Swim Meet Director, Troy Smith. "There are some swimmers here that swim year-round, either at Marlins or Gators, or at the YMCA. I think it's a great opportunity for those kids who are not year-round swimmers to look up to some of these who are year-round swimmers and think, 'Wow! One day, I could be that fast or I can be that good,' or at least give them something to aspire to."