Radford at Floyd County

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FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Radford took a huge step forward in the race for the Three Rivers District crown last week at Glenvar. The 7-1 Bobcats just keep plugging in spite of key injuries.

Friday night, they butted heads with the Buffaloes from Floyd County.

The bleachers were rattling tonight in a hard-fought NRV showdown. In the second quarter on a 4th and 20, Buffaloes quarterback, Avery Chaffin, takes the snap, has a look around, then lobs one up for wide receiver Tyler Fenton, who comes down with it just inside the lines for the first touchdown of the game.

Later, Chaffin again, looking downfield, and with a quick shot finds Fenton, who breaks free of a defender, and then takes it to the house, making it 14-0.
Radford trying to come up with something here when number 21 David Woodward gets ahold of the ball, takes it way downfield for the Bobcats.
That set up this field goal attempt, but the Buffaloes weren't having it, blocking that kick before defensive back Seth Dunbar scoops it up and takes it to midfield.

Jumping ahead to the 4th quarter now, Radford still is scoreless, when runningback Jarel Baylor goes spinning into the endzone. A missed field goal kept it 14-6.

A few plays later, quarterback Zane Rupe, strolling on in for the score.
Radford would try for two, but does not connect as a bobbled snap keeps it 14-12.

Moving to late in the 4th, Floyd looking to respond on 3rd and 10, when a pass from Chaffin goes up, and then comes down in the hands of Radford defensive back Xavier Cobbs.

Under three minutes to go, Bobcats driving now, Rupe takes the snap, and flings one out to a wide open Jerzee Johnson.

That momentum is not gonna last long, as a shovel pass falls just short, and Floyd comes up with it. The Buffaloes ran out the rest of the clock, hanging on to their lead and the win, 14-12.