Radford at James River

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BUCHANAN, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Buchanan was at James River where the Knights locked up with Radford.

It was pajama night but this one was anything but a snoozefest. Radford making something happen.

The toss from QB Zane Rupe to Chris Carter looked like a good gainer, then looked like more, as Carter dances through traffic and gets to the sideline.

He's got all kinds of room and turns on the jets for an 81 yard touchdown that initially looked harmless.

The second quarter then bogged down, with Radford trying some tricks late in the half as the final seconds began to tick away.

Rupe to Carter to Josh Alley to Trace Shepherd back to Rupe, who throws to PJ Prioleau -- who can't hang on!

The Bobcats then tried a field goal that missed wide. It was 8-all at the half but James River came back to win it 21-15 in overtime.