Radford vs. Giles

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GILES COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) It's homecoming night in Giles, so the Spartans hoping to come away with a win in front of a roucus crowd.

In the first, already trailing 7-0, Giles Kip Green makes sure it stays that way dragging down Trace Shepard for the sack.

But Radford would get payback as Ryan Biedleman looks to pass and gets dropped by Roman Bonet and Dale Stanley.

So Biedleman says, if I can't do it on offense, I'll do it on special teams. He takes this punt and he zigs and he zags, add in a spin move, and he'd take it all the way inside the one!

Next play, he did all the work anyway, he pushes in for the tying score.

Next series, Bobcats looking to get the lead back Shepard throws deep, but it's picked off by Biedleman!

Special teams, offense, now defense this kid can do it all!

And at halftime, it's homecoming court time, and, no! Biedleman's even a Homecoming Prince!

But Radford wants to get off to a good start in the second, and boy do they!

Chris Carter may lose part of the jersey but he's taking this kickoff home!

89 yards to the house for the leading score! But Giles say, we'll see that long score, and give you a 44 yard sprint up the middle by James Lyles to tie this one up again!

But Giles doesn't want just a tie, they want a lead! So who do they turn to?

Yup, it's Biedleman time. In the fourth, he'd take the ball from five yards out and

Yea, he'd drive in for the score!

Now Giles just needs to keep Radford out of the endzone.

And they do that by knocking the ball out of Elijah Duncan's hands, and it's recovered by, I can't make this up folks, Biedleman.

Seriously, this kid had three scores, a pick, and fumble recovery. But most importantly, a big team win 28 to 14.