Ramon and Damon Williams "The Twins" inducted into William Fleming Hall of Fame

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -- They've always been side by side. They were born together. They played ball together. And Friday, they were inducted into William Fleming's Hall of Fame together.

Twins Ramon and Damon Williams graduated from Fleming in 1986 as two of the greatest basketball players of their time. They also attended VMI, where they held the NCAA record for most points scored as a twin duo until 2009.

Ramon entered college coaching and was on staff at Richmond, Depaul, Virginia Tech and Ohio University. He now works in development at VMI, while Damon is in banking and is a high school official.

They both host the "Twin Hoops" summer basketball camp every year at Fleming.

"You never expect anything like this growing up as a kid, all of a sudden, 15, 20 years later, you're inducted into your Hall of Fame. It feels good to be recognized by the community and your peers," Ramon Williams said.

"You can do anything if you put your mind to it. You get the proper guidance. Stay focused. Stayed disciplined. And perseverance about yourself, things can happen," Damon Williams said.

Coach Roland Lovelace also inducted Friday for his 25 years as a football and basketball coach.

"Just made it seem like I did more than I thought I'd done during the time I was here. I coached for 25 years up here, so I think I did a little bit more than I thought I'd done," Roland Lovelace said.