Roanoke hosts speed skating competition for region's best, newest skaters

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - It is already promising to be an action-packed weekend in Roanoke for some of the region's best skaters.

Roanoke's Omni Speed Skating team is hosting a USA Roller Sports meet. The team is competing with 17 teams, some coming from as far as Florida.

On the track at the Star City Skate Center, all levels of competitors are vying for a medal.

Omni's coach, Eforrest "Buggy" Almond, said Friday that while it takes a lot of work to host, there's nothing better than seeing his skaters shine.

"I think the biggest thrill that a lot of coaches get that have been teaching for a while is to see the grassroots program and see their expressions when they come off and they start to skate well," he said. "And then when they get their first award, big smiles and everything and it's a pleasure."

Friday, newer skaters competed. Saturday competitions will feature the highest level skates and Sunday is reserved for relays.

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