Staunton River at William Byrd

VINTON, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Over to Vinton we go for the War on 24 at Bob Patterson Stadium as William Byrd tried to keep Staunton River winless this season. And the story of the first half was all about Byrd converting on fourth downs.

It was 7 to zero already before Byrd QB Sam Dantzler hands it off to Nicholas Hale who sniffs the endzone to make it 14-nothing Byrd.
Staunton River seemed to get a break when the Terriers put it on the turf on the turnover.

But Jayson Eanes then got stuffed by the Byrd defense and they give it right back.

Hale toted the mail one more time on the touchdown. It was 21-zip Terriers and they cruised to the 42 to nothing shutout of the Golden Eagles.