Salem at Cave Spring

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Scary good highlights from this Halloween weekend begin on the rug at Bogle Stadium in Roanoke County, where Salem was trying to nail down a first round playoff bye against a Cave Spring trying to get in.

Salem was on top 24-7 at the break. And the fans got treated to a Beatles-themed show from the Knights band. Even Slash showed up for the party.

The Spartans were in rhythm most of the night. Noah Beckley hooked up with Viante Tucker in the corner for a 9-yard touchdown strike adding to the Salem lead early in the third quarter.

Cave gave up another score when Zac Bowling got hung up in the endzone for a safety. Van Richardson got credit for the takedown to make it 33-7.

The Spartans were knocking on the door again but this time the Knights were ready. Dylan Robinson picked off Beckley's pass to keep Salem out of the endzone. But they did punch in another late score.

Beckley handed it to Luke Owen and he's off to the races for the 39-yard score and Salem beat up on Cave Spring 40-7, the final.