Spotlight Game of the Week: Salem at George Washington

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) GW Danville hoped the beat rolling, having won nine games in a row, entering the second round of the playoffs.

But the back-to-back defending champs had other plans, as Salem wasted no time getting on the board. On the Spartans opening drive, Jack Gladden slinging it out to Viante Tucker, and Tucker won't be caught, taking it 84 yards in for the touchdown.

The Spartans though were only getting started. This time it's Gladden connecting with Nathan Delby from inside the ten, as Salem led it 14-nothing after the first quarter.

But they kept coming in the second quarter. The hand-off going to Tae Hale, and Hale just would not be denied, carrying a handful of defenders with him across the goal line, making it 21-nothing.

The Spartans then going back to the air. Gladden going over the top to Avery Close. And this thing wasn't close anymore. The 42-yard strike putting Salem up 28-nothing.

But the Eagles started to find their wings just before the half. Carlos Poole on the pump-and-go to Shawn Watlington for the 47-yard gain.

GW now on the doorstep. It's Poole rolling to his left, but it's Viante Tucker making a play on the ball, and with nothing but green-yellow grass in front of him, he takes it back 96 yards for the pick-6.

Salem would take a 35-nothing lead into the half, and kept the momentum rolling in the second half as well. De'Angelo Ramsey finds his way into the end zone, as Salem advances past George Washington, 42-13.