Salem at Northside

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ROANOKE COUNTY, VA (WDBJ7) -- Northside Vikings hosted Salem who went after their second win in a row over the Spartans.

It was the first home game for the Vikings off Peters Creek Road following three straight road games to start. Student section is alive and well!

Salem looking to spoil the fun, Northside QB Sidney Webb with the pocket collapsing around him gets taken down by a pair of Spartans on third down.

Salem takes over, fielding the punt on Northside's 45 it's Shawn Collins with a whole lot of room to run. He turns on the jets to the far sideline and takes it all the way inside the five yard line.

Two plays later Cameron Leftwich powers his way across the goaline for the first score of the game, Salem up 7-0.

Leftwich, good on offense, just as good on defense. Ensuing kickoff, Viking's Matthew Johnson never saw Leftwich who lays the lumber! Guy is fired up!

Northside hoping to answer, Christian Fisher gets the handoff and knives through the Spartan defense rumbles inside the redzone, a 35 yard run to end the first quarter.

Third and 10 now, Webb darts one in to Isaac Earls but does the ball get knocked out before crossing the goal line? Take another look in slow motion, it's almost too close to call.

But the line judge rules it a touchdown we're tied at 7.

Vikings back with the ball after a stalled Salem drive, Webb loads up but it appears the receiver trips or maybe some contact, Collins with an easy interception as Salem goes onto win this one with a big second half 21,14.