Spotswood at Heritage

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Over in Lynchburg, the Heritage Pioneers put their 10 and 1 mark on the line against visiting Spotswood.

Heritage had a lot to cheer about, as the game was a blow out from the start. Before the first half was over, Heritage led 48 to nothing.
And it looked like the second half was going to be more of the same, when Heritage's Rivera gets the ball and strides down the sidelines to make it 55-0.

But Spotswood found itself when QB Aaron Hunter gave the ball Calvin Robb, who pushes through the line and breaks for the score.

And the fourth quarter brought them more relief, when Hunter has some time to find Drake Tomasi and the TD.

But it couldn't be enough. The final was Heritage 55, Spotswood 14.