Staunton River at Blacksburg

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Bruins come out of the half ready to build on a big lead.

Quarterback Luke Goforth puts his legs to work, rushing for 15 yards and a first down to keep a drive alive.

That's when runningback Luke Elliot takes over and rumbles in for the hard earned touchdown and the running clock was in effect.

The Golden Eagles looking to get points on the board, Jalin Martin takes the handoff on third down and finds a hole and races into the endzone.

Staunton River not happy with just one touchdown, Aiden Brown takes care of the rest as the Golden Eagles try to hang in.

Brown moves the ball up the field and then on fourth down, gets more points on the board. But not nearly enough of that.

Blacksburg takes the win, 49-14.