Staunton River at Lord Botetourt

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DALEVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Lord Botetourt tried to keep its record perfect at home against Staunton River.

Aiden Brown gets things rolling for the Golden Eagles. He picks up 8 yards and lands a first down to set up this.

It's Jacob Kirtley who gets the call. He plows ahead 5 yards on the score to make it an early 7-0 lead for Staunton River.

Botetourt on the move now and it's running back Dylan Wade who tucks the ball in and powers forward on a 23 yard run to put the Cavaliers near midfield.

Very next play - Botetourt QB James-Ryan Salvi finds his main man Kyle Arnholt through the air and Arnholt does the heavy lifting on a 48 yard touchdown strike to tie things up at 7.

The Golden Eagles have the ball a few minutes later and it's Kirtley again, this time going to the air - but Botetourt's Arnholt doesn't just catch TDs. He gets the pick here to give the ball back to the Cavs.

LB now deep in their own territory off that pick. 3rd and 9 - Salvi throws this one deep - and connects with Isiaah Stevens. Stevens brings down the pass and gets all the way down to the Golden Eagle 35, a 47 yard reception.

Five plays later - Nick Pitzer becomes the workhorse. He pushes through the Staunton River defense to put Botetourt on top 14-7. And the Cavaliers stay unbeaten with the 42-7 win.