Staunton River at William Byrd

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VINTON, Va. (WDBJ7)-- It was another War on 24 tonight as Staunton River made the short trip to William Byrd where the Terriers were hoping to improve their playoff position.

Byrd was honoring the fallen tonight with their uniforms.

Quarterback Logan Baker, bakes up and delivers an absolute dime in the corner of the endzone to Tyler Dean who makes an over the top grab for the score, 7-0 Byrd.

Staunton River having to punt on fourth down, not a long punt but it's high enough for the Eagles to get pressure on Baker who muffs the punt! Staunton River's Dustin Baird would recover.

Facing third down, Lucas Overstreet rolling out of the pocket looking for Jayson Eanes but the ball would fall incomplete leading to another punt.

Second-quarter now and Byrd has the ball, Baker rolling, looking, looking, sees the defense closing in, tries to escape but is dragged down by Jamelle Jones! Maybe some life for Staunton River.

Baker had other plans though. He's in to punt but sees that he has all kinds of running room and takes off! He would pick up nearly 30 yards for a big Byrd first down and keep a strong grip on the momentum.

The Terriers would eventually cap off the drive with a touchdown run from Moore as they feast on the Golden Eagles, 42-0.