Tech basketball holds media day in Blacksburg

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Basketball season is just around the corner, and the Virginia Tech men have had a lot of moving parts since the end of last year. So Head Coach Buzz Williams isn't afraid to say that it will take a lot, once again, to get the Hokies back to the NCAA Tournament.

"To our guys, that was the most that they had ever done," said Williams. "And I think, the hardest thing, particularly at that age, is to reconfigure and realize that that team is over, and this is a new team, and you start back at ground zero."

The players know things have changed, but they say change in general has been a constant in recent years.

"It's different," said Junior Forward, Kerry Blackshear, Jr. "We definitely have a bunch of different pieces, so it's going to be a learning adjustment to get used to everybody again. But that's how it's been since everyone has gotten here, so we've had a different team every year, I feel."

"This team is a lot tighter, closer than we've ever been," said Junior Guard, Ahmed Hill. "I think everybody knows their roles, everybody knows what they need to do to get back. A lot of guys are hungry, and you know Buzz always pounds in us that we need to get better."