Toyota Player of the Week: Salem's De'Angelo Ramsey

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) Back in September, the Salem Spartans lost two games in a three week span, and there were plenty of questions about whether or not the back-to-back champs had it in them to do it again this year.

De'Angelo Ramsey: "I feel like we took those losses and improved since we were losing, because we weren't really used to losing like that."

The Spartans have since rattled off six straight victories, including last week's win against Charlottesville in the first round of the playoffs. A game that saw De'Angelo Ramsey rumble for 346 yards and five touchdowns. But to Ramsey, even a performance like that was just business as usual.

De'Angelo Ramsey: "It kind of felt like any other game. I don't know, it's just kind of normal to me. I've scored a lot of touchdowns, so it feels pretty good. Like everytime we get a win or something like that it feels really good to us, because we worked really hard in practice.

Stephen Magenbauer: "Athletically, he's a big, strong kid, and he just strikes the hole. He sort of fights for every yard he can get, and our expectations are high for him as well. When he hits it, and he breaks that line, and we give him a good hole, we sort of expect him to put it in the end zone. So it was just neat to see all of that come together."

De'Angelo Ramsey: "I want the ball a lot. Everytime I get the ball, I'm really excited to run. Even if I'm tired, I'm still excited to run

And while the Spartans have certainly given Ramsey the ball a lot this season, he also does a lot in other areas as well.

Stephen Magenbauer: "He's getting better at all the things that matter besides just running. His pass protection is better. He's running good routes out of the backfield. So to be a good running back, you have to do all of those little things, and he's definitely improving on those. We're proud of his efforts."

And his efforts have helped him follow in the footsteps of not only his older brother, Alex Ramsey, who graduated from Salem just two years ago, but also his father, Lewis Ramsey, who toted the rock back in the late 80's at Radford. And now, all three Ramsey's have earned the prestigious title of Player of the Week on Friday Football Extra.

De'Angelo Ramsey: "I feel like my dad, he'd be really proud of me. Like, it's pretty cool."

Stephen Magenbauer: "We had his older brother, Alex, who had a great run here, and now De'Angelo's into his senior year already. So it's neat to have both of them come through our program, and we'll see if he can't keep having fun out here, and have a few more good games."