Tunstall at Franklin County

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Franklin County tried to win its second game in five days Friday night, as the Eagles played host to Tunstall in Rocky Mount.

It was a sloppy one.

The Eagles forced a 3 and out and then their first drive was lead by a big run by Myles Gilbert, 22 yards up the middle for the 1st down.

Then the quick handoff to Ty Wingfield for the 9 yard TD run. It was 7-0 early.

The Eagles defense was big too as Tunstall came out in the Wildcat format but it went for a loss.

In the 2nd Quarter Franklin County was on the move again, a big run with a big mud splat by Jayron Smith at the end.

Three plays later Shane Grindstaff would keep it himself for the TD run, 14-0 Eagles. Franklin County took the win, 20 to nothing.