Kentucky quarterback Bowden presents Bud Foster unique challenge in final run with Hokies

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WDBJ7) -- Kentucky quarterback Lynn Bowden has been nothing short of a star in 2019.

The SEC leader in all-purpose yards, Bowden started the season as a receiver, before injuries forced him into the QB role, where he went 5-2 as the starter.

"He is a dynamic competitor. And it's not like he just catches it and runs the ball up the middle every time," said Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente. "He's running read plays. He's running the show, and if you are half a man out of your gap, then he can score."

For all his success, there isn't much secret behind Kentucky's gameplan with Bowden behind center.

The junior threw just 35 total passes in the month of November - meaning Foster and company can expect a heavy dosage of running plays from the 'Cats offense.

With cornerbacks Caleb Farley and Jermaine Waller questionable to play, that may just be the Hokies' saving grace.

"Their M-O has not been to throw it. Now, hopefully, we can control the run game a bit and make them do that, but I have concerns with our overall depth," said defensive coordinator Bud Foster, who will retire after the game. "They're going to be tested the more the game goes along if we can control the run game. That's my biggest concern."

Bowden has opened the eyes of the players on Tech's defense, as well.

"We see it on film, everybody can see it on film, they make a lot of plays, have a lot of playmakers," said linebacker Rayshard Ashby. "Guys that can run hard, got some speed and run you over at the same time. They split the defense a lot and try to get your eyes in different directions, trying to get people out of place and find gaps. I think the most important thing for us this week is everybody being gap accountable and gap sound and everybody being in the right place."

As far as Bowden himself, he didn't have much to say on what the Hokies' defense brings to the table. He refused to answer any Virginia Tech-related questions at Monday's Belk Bowl media availability.

Tech senior Reggie Floyd, though, says the hype isn't scaring him ahead of his final game in a Tech uniform.

"That's what comes with the game. When you're doing your thing, they're gonna' speak on you, so congrats for him," Floyd said. "But like I said, my team's ready. I know his team's ready, so we're looking forward to tomorrow."

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