Waynesboro at Rockbridge

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) -- In Lexington, Rockbridge County tried to step over the Little Giants from Waynesboro Friday.

Week 8: Waynesboro at Rockbridge

Ty Ruley over the middle to Johnny Dunn, who was waiting in the endzone.

Waynesboro was able to answer when Kazmaun Johnson gave the ball to Alijah Braxton, and Braxton slips tackles and bounces his way to the endzone but it was an uphill battle from there with the Wildcats up 42 to 14.

Ruley back at it. He hits Isaiah Jones and he knows what to do with it. Jones motors up the sideline on a 60 catch and run to make it a 49-14 game.

They pound and ground from there. It's Chase Crook in the fourth quarter on the short TD.

Finally, another long run here from Bret McClung. It's not a misprint, just a mismatch as Rockbridge wears out Waynesboro. The final score: 70 to 14.