Week 10 Toyota Player of the Week: Isaiah Persinger

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Isaiah Persinger is not shy when it comes to his feelings about football, and playing as a Spartan, well that's just the icing on the cake, for our Toyota Player of the Week.

"It makes me excited. It gives me chills, like wooooo!"

"And whenever I hear them yelling, 'Touchdown number 20!' I'm just like wooooo!"

"Just kind of shaking it here and there with a big ole smile on my face."

That's the kind of enthusiasm running back Isaiah Persinger brings to every practice, and every game.

"He's a fun loving kid, always has a smile on his face."

A dream come true for the junior to wear a Spartan jersey.

"Have some friends who are like 'You know, we could play for Salem one day. And we could go big.' And I was like, 'Yeah you know what? Let's go big!'

And like the saying goes..."Started playing for Andrew Lewis and..."
Go big or go home.

"Here I am, starting for Salem football."

"He's just very appreciative to be here and that's how he plays."

Fighting for every yard and taking the hard hits, Persinger broke the 1,000 yards rushing mark in his five touchdown performance over Cave Spring last Friday night.

"I feel like that was one of the better games I've had so far. Getting as many touches as I had and runaway touchdowns. Just kinda shocked me and made me happy."

"I was surprised, he had five touchdowns but at the same time, during the course of the game, you don't really think of those things."

But when the game is over, it's clear what Isaiah Persinger means to Salem too.

"It's a lot of grind and a lot of work to be a football player, and he doesn't mind doing that, so that's what makes him special for us