Week 11 Player of the Week: Lawon Jones

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- It's been a long time coming for the William Fleming Colonels, but they finally have a win under their belts for the first time in two years! Our Toyota Player of the Week Lawon Jones is a big reason to thank for that.

"It's good to have guys who are that unselfish."

"That's a word we use a lot around here."

It's a word embodied by senior utility Lawon Jones.

"He's a true testament to that. I think he's played about three or four positions all year long so good news for us."

Good news indeed! Check out what he did last Friday night as wide receiver!

"I like to play receiver. You don't really get hit you just catch the ball."

And also as quarterback!

Four touchdowns and 164 yards against Staunton River to record William Fleming's first win in 17 games.

"It felt good. You know, these guys have worked really hard. My staff has worked really hard too. It feels good for these guys to have something to celebrate."

A win is a win... but for the Colonels, it's the end of an era.

"We hadn't won a game since 2016, about 723 days. So for us to go out and win together and my brothers helped me perform so we won."

Of all the reasons to be proud to have a Lawon on your team.

"Strong kid. Fast kid. We've put a lot on him this year and he's handled it all well."

Coach Jamar Lovelace takes pride in the quality the whole team is striving for.

"Consistency most of all. We're talking about a kid who didn't miss a summer session. Ever since I got hired, spring break time, he's one of the hardest working guys we have."