Week 4 Toyota Player of the Week: William Byrd's Sam Dantzler

(WDBJ7) -- For a coach who has seen 38 years worth of players come and go from Byrd's halls,
"Two stories that tell you the most about Sam."
there's something about Sam Dantzler that will always stand out.
"As a sophomore, we were getting the roster ready and I got to Sam...five seven, 140."
Not necessarily because of his height or weight.
"I'm not sure if he's five seven or if he's 140.
But what's on the inside that makes him so great.
So, I gave him a look and he said, 'Coach but I'm tougher than that'."
"You can't get better than 3 and 0 right now, and I would credit a lot of that to our attitude."
Sam playing a big part in that strong start, but always staying accountable to his team.
And that brings us to story number two...
"Last Friday night, 25 carries, 231 yards, 5 touchdowns, 5 tackles on defense. He holds for extra points. He tapped me on the shoulder in the fourth quarter and said, 'Coach can I talk to you after the game?'
In his eyes, the star of the game wasn't the star at all.
"He wanted to apologize. He had two fumbles, the most we've had all year. Of all those numbers, Sam wanted to talk to me about apologizing. Those two stories tell you why Sam is who he is."
They might not be the biggest, the strongest or the fastest, but it's the character like Sam's that gives them all the advantage they need to win.
"When you buy into the team, when you buy into the guys you're playing with every week, you kinda look at every run you make and every pass you complete, you're doing it with the guys. You're not doing it by yourself. I think that's what's important. Remembering that you're playing with your guys and going to battle with your guys."