Week 8 Toyota Player of the Week: Glenvar's Landry Gerbers

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) -- If you don't notice him for his laser like passes or the hair hanging out of his helmet, you'll notice Landry Gerbers for this.

"He's got a lot of upside because he's 6'6". Not a lot of 6'6" guys walking around," Glenvar head coach Kevin Clifford said.

Imagine being the player attempting to sack all 240 pounds of him, and then being greeted with a smile.

"I mean, I'd like to be intimidating, because I feel like it gives an advantage but I'm really just a gentle giant, I guess," Gerbers said. "I'm always trying to make friends out there on the field. Telling people good hit after they tackle me or anything."

But it's not all fun and games for the senior. His focus is set on the big picture.

"He's very unselfish. He just wants to win. I think that's the most important characteristic about him is he wants to win, and he'll do whatever we ask him to do," Clifford said.

Last Friday night against Alleghany, they asked him to pass the ball, and he did 12 out of 15 times, scoring three touchdowns for the Highlanders and passing for 269 yards.

"We're proud of his toughness and his leadership and we feel like he's just scratching the surface," Clifford said.

"It feels good. It feels really nice to see I'm being noticed for what I'm doing, but really what matters most to me would be winning on Friday nights," Gerbers said.