Week 9 Hart Kia Spotlight Game of the Week: Galax at Auburn

Payson Kelly has paced the Auburn ground attack this season with nearly 700 yards and 12 touchdowns. On Friday, Kelly and the Eagles went up against Galax and the Tide's ruuning game, not to mention a tough defense led by Kolby Barnes with 12 tackles for loss this season.

Here in the Eagle country and it's time for these Eagle's to leave the nest. Five seniors honored on senior night for Auburn and hoping to make it a game they'll remember, but not if the Maroon Tide had anything to say about it.

First drive of the game for Galax, Cole Pickett on the option pitches it to Blake Brown and 14 is gonna do the rest, that's a 10 yard touchdown and tide leads 7-0 after the first quarter.

But the second is when it all started to unravel for the Eagles. Rusty Marshal drops back to pass from his own 11 but here comes Cade Ashworth around the edge looking like JJ Watt, the strip, the scoop and then the score puts the tide up 14-0.

Coach Akers needs his offense to start heating up but the only warm thing the Eagles were serving up tonight was hot chocolate.

Blake Brown was feelin himself tonight. Takes the handoff here finds a hole now watch the cut boom and he is gone, they will not catch 14 and that made it 21-0 all Tide early.

"Mason is the coolest"

Oh wow how did that get in there, that's embarrassing. Back to football
Second half wasn't much better for the Eagles. This is Kolby Barnes to make it 49-0. Eagles would add a late touchdown to finish with a final of 56-7. Coach Dixon pleased with his team's effort tonight as they start to think about playoff positioning.

"It is important. I tell the kids this time of yaer is about getting in position to get in positionand this was one of those games that we needed to win this to get oursevles in the right position to make a little run in the playoffs."

Well you heard coach dixon say it right there it's about positioning yourself to be successful come postseason time and that's what they did tonight with their 56-7 win Maroon Tide stay on top of the class A region C rankings and they are playing very great football right now.