William Byrd at William Fleming

ROANOKE, VA. (WDBJ) -- Byrd at William Fleming, it was 28-nothing at halftime. This is the start of the second half.

Sam Dantzler pass complete to Aaron Stanley, breaks a couple of tackles like it's nothing for a first down.

Dantzler on the option, pitches it to Nick Hale and he makes a cut and takes it into the end zone for a score but not so fast. Refs call holding so the touchdown is called back.

No big deal because the right foot of Nathan Patrick is absolute money, Terriers take a 31-0 lead in the third.

Colonels need something to go right for them, and they put together a drive. Elijah Davis looking to pass, throws it up to Lawon Jones and that's complete for a big first down inside the 20. Fleming in business.

From one yard out, Fleming finally pushes in a score to make it 31-7. But the Terriers on top of this one. They win 38-14.