William Campbell at Gretna

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GRETNA, Va. (WDBJ7) -- On a packed night at Gretna High, the Hawks came running out of the gate, number 8 Daelyn Miller breaking tackles left and right and sprinting down field for a big gain.

It looked like more of the same from Cameron Mabins, but a fumble into the hands of linebacker Manuel Solorio flips the script.

Later in the half, Gretna's Jorden Burger takes the handoff, and looks like he goes down, but no, that's still a live ball and defensive lineman Zekeya Townes takes it to the endzone to put the Generals up 7-0.
But the Hawks were ready to hit back, an unstoppable Daelyn Miller plowing his way down field, all the way to the endzone.

Later, Generals Q-B Jeremiah Smith takes the snap is ready to run, but the hawks come flying in, knocking the ball loose for Cameron Mabins, who takes it to the house.
Gretna went on to win 48-20.