William Fleming at Staunton River

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Staunton Wins the coin toss and want the ball to start the game. Early in the 1st quarter its Aiden Brown with the big, slashing run for 41 yards crossing mid-field.

Penalties would push the drive back and on 3rd down QB Jacob Kirtley can not connect with Jayson Eanes and the drive would end with a punt. Fleming would began a long drive with a nice pitch-and-catch from Deaquan Nichols to Jajuan Webb for 11 yards and a fist down.

It worked once, so why not twice Nichols to Webb again for another first down. Now, that same drive, in red-zone Nahshon Bonds fumbles the football, but Nickolas Andrews falls on the football to keep the drive going.

Now we flips sides of the field as the 2nd quater starts and on 4th and goal, somewhere in that sea of bodies the officals say Deaquan Nichols crossed the goal-line, the first points of the game in this penalty rid First half. Fleming goes on the win by the score of 27 to 3.