Veterinarian: Dog allergies are much worse than normal this fall

Cases of mysterious paralyzing illness reported in 22 states

Soaring costs of insulin causing concern for diabetics

The danger in believing detoxing cures all

The LewisGale Medical Center aims to help you understand breast care

80,000 people died of flu last winter in US

Carilion Clinic prescribing exercise for chemotherapy

Animal research at Virginia Tech will hopefully lead to more advanced human cancer care

Middle age "a ticking time bomb" for heart trouble, CDC warns

Ketogenic fad diet could do more harm than good

Summer camp for patients keeping Parkinson's in check

Flesh-eating STD reported in England

US approves new generic competitor to EpiPen

Student volunteers, ‘in step with a nurse’ at Carilion

McDonald's removing salads from 3,000 stores after illness

Study shows fresh ground coffee may booste longevity

Patients need less painkillers after robotic surgery at LewisGale Montgomery

Radford University helps provide mental health care to rural communities

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