Exclusive look: Volvo Trucks incorporates 3-D printing to aid in production

Transportation Secretary announces Virginia Tech gets two ADS grants

Sen. Warner announces $15M for self-driving vehicle research at Virginia Tech

Apple expected to unveil iPhones echoing last year's models

Sony releases a Walkman for 40th anniversary

Virginia Tech introduces biometric scanner for students to pay for meals

Samsung ditches headphone jack after jabs at jackless rivals

Artificial intelligence shaking up railroad industry

Verizon reports texting service repaired after East Coast outage

Virginia Tech demonstrates drone delivery possibilities

Google announces its plan for its upcoming Pixel phone

How to check if your iPhone 8 is part of Apple's recall

Apple iOS 12 update will improve 911 response times

Jury says Samsung must pay $539M for copying parts of iPhone

Twitter says all users should change their passwords

New Christiansburg business expansion, MELD, changing way metal is made

Facebook admits to scanning Messenger conversations for data

Virginia Tech team designs device to help change disabled veteran's wheelchair wheels

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