Hear@Home Podcast:

The Hear@Home Podcast continues the conversation from our live show that airs weekdays at 3 on WDBJ7. We take some of the interviews that we’ve had with the people who are working hard to provide resources to help others in our hometowns, and we expand on them.

February 15, 2023: We continue the conversation on Hear @ Home about Teens and Mental Health. Our teens are in crisis, is social media to blame?There are over a thousand families who say it is and they are suing several social media companies. I sit down with a social media expert who says our teens are in psychological and emotional turmoil. We get his take on why and find out what’s being done locally to educate caregivers on this everchanging digital world.

December 7, 2022: In today’s episode, we talk with the women who are running businesses and taking care of their families. We call them mompreneurs. And if you’ve ever been to the Grandin Village - you might be surprised to learn that many of those businesses - are run and owned by women.I had the opportunity to sit down and have coffee one morning at the Little Green Hive, and meet with Laurie Frohock from Two and a Half Sisters, Karen and Ashley Curtis from the Grey Goose of Grandin, and Ashely Arney from Urban Gypsy. We talked about their dreams, their challenges, and the support they’ve gained along their business journey. Hope you enjoy.

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